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START International has been solving customer's application needs with products serving manufacturing industries since 1981.

START International’s Tape Dispensers and Label Dispensers are Designed for Your Applications!

Our innovative tape dispensers provide taping solutions for pressure sensitive and water-activated (gummed or carton sealing) tapes. Our electric and electronic definite length tape dispensers are designed to increase operator productivity, reduce material costs, dispense tape to consistent lengths, reduce operator fatigue, accept virtually any type of tape, and provide straight cuts for better looking taped products.

Our innovative Label Dispensers provide labeling solutions for pressure sensitive labels. Our electric label dispensers are all metal and function with consistent, high precision and reliable photoelectric sensors. Knowing you have a label dispenser that uses a photo sensor you can ensure you are getting the highest technology for your application that is versatile enough to handle any size, shape and material of label; including die-cut or kiss cut parts.

START International brands of Electric and Automatic Tape Dispensers and Label Dispensers are adding value to production lines around the world. By visiting our Label Dispenser section you will see how we can help you make it easy to peel, present and apply labels in your manufacturing process to add value to your company. By visiting our Tape Dispenser Section you will see how we can help you better package your products, make it EZ to tape in your manufacturing process and add value to your company.

Our Hand-Held Loupes, Magnifiers and Microscopes help add accuracy to all of your quality control functions.




Auto / Electric Pressure Sensitive and Gummed Tape Dispensers, Tape Dispenser
Tape Dispensers
• Manual Tape Dispensers
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• Gummed (Water-Activated) Tape Dispensers
Auto / Electric Pressure Sensitive Label Dispensers, Label Dispenser
Label Dispensers
Label Dispensers, Label Dispenser • Electric / Automatic Label Dispensers
• Specialty Dispensers
• Bottle Labeler
• Hand-Held Label Applicators
Non-Adhesive Cutter (Tubing, Sleeving, Ribbon, Labels)
Non-Adhesive Material Cutters
• Commercial Cutters
• Heavy Duty Cutters
• Material Feeder
Loupes, Magnifiers, Microscopes, Loupe, Magnifier, Microscope
Optical Inspection
• Loupes & Magnifiers
• Hand-Held Microscopes
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Specialty Items
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