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Optical Inspection


  • Can be used as a microscope, telescope, or magnifier
  • Erect image allows you to see the image as you would through the naked eye
  • Erect image viewing greatly improves the accuracy in inspection and measuring
  • Smooth focus adjustment
  • Fully-coated achromatic optics
  • Clear acrylic base lets you see the object without external light
  • Constructed of precision aluminum and plastic that gives you quality and veracity


When used as a Microscope:

  • Power: 45X
  • Field of View: .18" (4.8mm)
  • Measuring Range: 3.0mm
  • Scale Division: 0.1mm
  • Working Distance: 2.0" (51mm)


When used as a Magnifier:

  • Power: 6X


When used as a Telescope:

  • Power: 8X

*See More Product Specifications Below

Product Specifications

2.9 x 8.25" (74 x 210mm)
9.74 oz. (276g)