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ThePen by START International is a refillable pen for controlled application of liquid solutions. It can be filled with many different kinds of liquids (fluxes, alcohol, protective coatings, lubricating oil, inks, etc.). The fine tip of ThePen allows for application in very small areas and is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or repair kit. The transparent cartridge shows the liquid level at a glance. Lightly squeeze the ergonomic barrel of ThePen to control the amount of material being dispensed.



  • Refillable without special equipment
  • Can be used with many different kinds of materials such as, fluxes, alcohol, lubricating oil, and inks
  • Inexpensive
  • Fine tip allows user to get into smallest of areas
  • Small size and large capacity make this pen ideal for tool kits, rework, as well as post assembly applications
  • Transparent cartridge allows user to see the amount of remaining material
  • Material is dispensed by lightly squeezing the barrel; user controls the amount of material flow
  • Tight-fitting cap prevents evaporation of material in barrel; this extends the life and purity of the material
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Constructed of rugged polypropylene
  • Small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or repair kit
  • Liquids capacity 0.27 oz (8ml)
  • Packaged 10 pens per bag

ThePen Flux & Liquid Dispensing Pen 

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