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Efficiency and Waste

One of the easiest ways to increase efficiency is by improving technology in the workplace. In many situations, employee productivity is greatly hindered when a workplace lacks the equipment that would empower the employee to do his or her job as efficiently as possible. Productivity loss can result in loss of company time and money.

Did you know that it can cost more to pay someone to grab a piece of tape, peel it from the roll, measure it, and cut it than the actual piece of tape costs?


For labels, you need one hand to hold the roll and liner and one hand to peel the label. With a dispenser, you only need one hand to do it all.


At START International, we offer many easy solutions to help you empower your employees, increase efficiency, and, ultimately, save your company money! Visit our Tape Dispensers, Label Dispensers, and Non-Adhesive Cutters in the Products section to explore the solutions that we offer. Our dispensers will help you:

Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Productivity

  • With our easy-to-use machines, the operator can simply pick up the pre-measured, pre-cut piece of tape and apply it as needed. The dispenser pays for itself by reducing wasted time and saves the operator from an excess of tedious, unnecessary work.
  • Our machines eliminate excessive repetitive hand movements; this helps ensure that your employees avoid operator fatigue and injury while working. Find out more about how you can increase safety in your workplace here.
  • Many companies manufacture dispensers made from plastic. At START International, we set ourselves apart from the competition by ensuring that our machines have a high-quality, all-metal design; this makes our machines low-maintenance and significantly more durable than plastic machines.

Reduce Material Costs

  • By dispensing and cutting consistent tape lengths, you eliminate negative overage of material per piece.
  • Our machines help eliminate wasted material due to human error by allowing the operator to pre-program a desired tape length; this easily saves company money by reducing waste.

Increase Quality of Application

  • By using START International dispensers, you get a clean, straight cut every time. Our machines are reliable and enable you to produce a neat, presentable product.
  • By minimizing human handling of tape, you reduce the exposure of the adhesive to dirt, dust, and oils; this helps ensure that the integrity of the tape is not compromised.

The above examples clearly demonstrate how our dispensers can pay for themselves. At START International, we pride ourselves on offering machines that are feasible and simple to operate/maintain. To explore our machines and discover the workplace solutions that best suit your company, click here.

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