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Workplace Safety

In a production environment, one of the most repetitive motions is the cutting of tape and peeling of labels. These type of motions can cause injuries, which usually result in heavy insurance claim costs and lost-time wages.

START International offers a complete line of electric tape dispensers, label dispensers, and non-adhesive material cutters to reduce exposure to repetitive motion Injuries.


Common Repetitive Motion Injuries

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome – a painful condition of the hand and fingers
  • De Quervain’s disease – a painful inflammation of tendons in the thumb
  • Trigger finger/Trigger thumb – a painful condition that causes the finger or thumb to catch/lock when bent

The above injuries can all be caused by excessive repeated hand movements; this extent of movement may occur when an employee must repetitively grab a piece of tape, peel it from the roll, measure it, and cut it. Our machines eliminate these excessive repeated hand movements, and can therefore greatly decrease the risk of a workplace injury.


Common Workplace Accidents

  • Cutting fingers on manual dispenser or scissor/knife blades
  • Slipping and falling on the silicone (waxy-type) liner of labels



Our products aim to keep your employees safe and prevent accidents from happening. When you use a START International machine, there is no need to manually cut a label; the machine does the work for you and therefore greatly reduces your risk of being cut by a sharp blade.

Our machines also roll up the leftover silicone liner from label dispensing; this creates a quick, easy disposal method and therefore greatly reduces the chance that stray liner will fall to the ground and create a potential hazard.

Ensure that your employees will remain safe while working and that you will not lose company money due to a workplace injury; explore our dispensers and machines as workplace safety solutions here.

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